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Dum Dums – The Flavorful Fusion of Colorful Lollipops!

Dum Dums candy

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When you are looking for a treat for all ages, Dum Dums lollipops are what you think of! With its various flavors and classic deliciousness, there’s no way anyone can think of it as a mediocre candy.

Dum Dums has a history of being the candy that thanks customers for many businesses, becomes a treat for kids for Halloween, and saves relationships whenever needed! And even after decades of doing so, it continues its mission to bring smiles to people’s faces. Let’s take a closer look at the flavorful taste and value of Dum Dums lollipops as a trusted brand.


History of Dum Dums

Dum Dums was introduced in 1924 by Akron Candy Company. They were located in Bellevue, Ohio, where the early sales manager was I.C. Bahr. The man knew a thing or two about attracting children’s attention to candies, and that’s why he named these flavorful lollipops “Dum Dums.” After all, anyone can say those simple words!

The company manufactured the candy for 29 years until Dum Dums became a part of Spangler Candy Company in 1953. They experimented with the sticks and used plastic ones instead of paper sticks.

The experimentation did not work because there were many complaints from customers about potential injury due to plastic fragments found in the candy. The unrelenting plastic would break during the manufacturing process, causing pieces to mix with the candy. Now, they only use paper sticks without any manufacturing faults.

Dum Dums Flavors

Flavors of Dum Dums

The seven initial flavors opened many doors for enthusiastic candy makers. Dum Dums had enough potential and fan-following to try more exotic combos, and that’s why it now has 16 unique flavors + 1 Mystery FlavorTM!

  • Lemon Lime
  • Orange
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Pineapple
  • Bubble Gum
  • Grape
  • Cherry
  • Cotton Candy
  • Butterscotch
  • Cream Soda
  • Fruit Punch
  • Peach-Mango
  • Root Beer
  • Sour Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Mystery FlavorTM
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The Mystery Flavor of Dum Dums is the most interesting one so far. No one can tell what the lollipop will taste like until they try it! It combines one batch of candy mixing with the next one. The production team does not clean the machines between batches, giving birth to one of the most popular Dum Dums flavors ever.

Variety of Dum Dums Candy

Variety of Dum Dums!

Individually wrapped candies do not test much with flavors. And if they do, there’s a little chance that most of those flavors would stick!

Dum Dums is an exception with its wide range of flavors, recognized as a sweet giveaway brand by many companies and individuals. People use them for Halloween, place them as a giveaway treat at restaurants, and use them as a special gift to save relationships! Given the variety of Dum Dums, there’s no shortage of opportunities and ideas for using these candies.

  • Original Dum Dums: With almost all the flavors as a possibility for the Original Mix pack, you can find your most or least favorite Dum Dums in this assortment!
  • Color Party Dum Dums: These candies are famous for their colorful wrappers as much as their flavors. You can use this assortment of Dum Dums for your next celebration.
  • Limited Edition Dum Dums: The manufacturing company markets the lollipops with this collection of limited flavors. In these packs, you can find Tropical Freeze, Dragon Fruit, Berry Lemonade, and Strawberry-Kiwi.
  • Heart Pops Dum Dums:An assorted pack of Dum Dums available for Valentine’s season only! It has heart-shaped candy with passionate flavors like Cherry Cotton Candy, Cherry Berry, and Cherry Passion Fruit.
  • Bunny Pops Dum Dums:Bunny Pops are manufactured for Easter. You can fill your baskets with flavorful assortments and enjoy your holiday.
  • Flavor Fusion Dum Dums:If they can experiment with two batches of candies for Mystery Flavor, why not mix two flavors for these flat-shaped Dum Dums? The available flavors are Orange Pineapple, Strawberry-Kiwi, Blu, Caramel Apple, and Raspberry Lemonade.
  • Other famous assortments of Dum Dums include Tropical Mix, Hawaiian Punch, and Orchard Mix!
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Delicious Dum Dums

Nutrition Facts

Here are the nutrition values based on a 300-count bag of Original Mix Dum Dums. Except for the difference in calories, the nutrition facts remain the same, except for the percentage of added sugars! It varies with the number of candies added per pack.

Servings per container 100
Serving size 3 pieces (15g)
Calories 60 (varies per pack size)
Total Fat 0%
Sodium 10mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates 15g 5%
Total Sugars 10g
Added Sugars 10g 20% (varies per pack size)
Protein 0g


The Secret Behind Dum Dums’ ‘Mystery’ Flavor — Snack Break

Dum Dums—The brand’s famous “mystery flavor” isn’t an exotic fruit or berry; it results from a clever time-saving trick by their manufacturer, the Akron Candy Co. Check out the video for the full story!

Dum-Dum Factory Tour

If you want to see what the factory that makes them looks like, check out this video. It seems like such a fun place!


The assorted flavors and variety packs make Dum Dums a cherished candy by many people. Whether you are an adult or a kid who enjoys some sweet treats, Dum Dums are the perfect way to celebrate a party, mark a holiday, or say thanks to a customer! What are you going to do with your Dum Dums?

Dum Dums Candy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do They Call Lollipops Dum Dums?

I.C. Bahr was the sales manager at the time of Dum Dums’ creation. He came up with the name, thinking it was easy for a kid to say.

Are Dum Dums Lollipops Healthy?

Dum Dum lollipops have no fat and less than 25 calories per pop. They are a perfectly sized treat for people with sweet tooth!

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Why Should I Save Dum Dum Wrappers?

Save Wraps for Stuff Program was a program by Dum Dums that allowed the collection of wrappers to complete challenges. The points would help them get cool stuff or discounts. The program ended in 2020.

What Is the Most Popular Dum Dum Flavor?

Among the 16+1 flavors of Dum Dums, Blu Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Root Beer, Butterscotch, and Cream Soda are the most popular ones. You can check out the stats on these flavors on the official website of Dum Dum Pops.

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