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Waffle Crisp – A Breakfast Cereal Shaped Like Sugary Breakfast Waffles

Waffle Crisp Cereal

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Who doesn’t love syrupy and cream-laden waffles for breakfast? Combine that with your favorite breakfast of all time, cereal, and you’ve got the magically wonderful Waffle Crisp cereal!

Waffle Crisp cereal is one of the most iconic cereals of all time. Known for the simple taste yet a delightful crunch, Waffle Crisp cereal is a brand that has recently made a comeback at different American grocery stores and supermarkets.

Waffle Crisp is a breakfast cereal brand made by the famous cereal manufacturer Post Consumer Brands. The flavor of Waffle Crisp will remind you of maple and everything earthy, sugary, and crispy. Each piece of the Waffle crisp cereal is shaped like a waffle. The waffle pieces are puffy, crunchy, and are mainly made from corn.

Post Foods discontinued Waffle Crisp in 2018, along with other cereal brands that were under the company’s supervision. However, with popular demand and dedicated fans requesting the company to reintroduce Waffle Crisp in the market, Post Foods had to give in. With the launch, many fans were ecstatic and took to social media to share that their favorite cereal from childhood was back.

Relative to other cereal brands, Waffle Crisp is a considerably newer cereal that was launched in 1996. Many young children and adults enjoy this cereal a lot due to its mild sweetness and buttery taste, making for a filling and heartwarming breakfast.

The cereal is named for its delicious crunch, which is why it has been designed to not get soggy too quickly in the milk and retain its unique texture always.


History of Waffle Crisp

Waffle Crisp was first launched by Post Consumer brands in 1996. It was a breakfast cereal that was aimed toward teenagers and preteens as the flavor of the cereal was not too sweet. The marketing color scheme of the Waffle Crisp brand is not too showy, which also shows that the brand has positioned itself to appeal to older children.

The cereal has always been in a thick square waffle shape. Each thick piece of the Waffle Crisp cereal is maple syrup-flavored and has been made with corn cereal bits in a waffle shape. Before discontinuing Waffle Crisp in 2018, Post Brands introduced a much more affordable version of Waffle Crisp for the public.

The breakfast cereal was a part of the company’s Good MOREnings series of budget-friendly cereals. The budget-friendly cereals inspired by Waffle Crisp were called “Waffle Crunch” and had a different packaging size and design, which made them distinct.

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Even though many people enjoyed having Waffle Crisp for their breakfast every day, Post Brands discontinued the cereal in 2018 and multiple other kinds of cereal. This caused a great backlash from fans of the cereals who requested Post Consumer Brands to bring back their beloved breakfast food.

People wrote to the company and told them how much they were interested in seeing Waffle Crisp back on the shelves of their grocery stores. While some people even made and signed petitions on that were designed to encourage the company to begin the production of Waffle Crisp once again.

With persistent encouragement and requests, Post Foods made the decision to bring Waffle Crisp back to the market once again after 2018. The return of Waffle Crisp was announced in January of 2021.

Joe Woodward, the senior associate brand manager at the company, told the public that dedicated fans of the cereal continued to ask the company to reintroduce Waffle Crisp even after being discontinued in 2018, which made the brand decide to relaunch the cereal with some new elements.

To introduce the brand to the public, engage fans, and create hype about the relaunch of Waffle Crisp, Post Foods requested the help of a few well-known social media influencers. These influencers received the large bags of Waffle Crisp well before the launch and helped the company create a great level of excitement among the public.

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What Does Waffle Crisp Taste Like?

Waffle Crisp is a delicious cereal that has been designed to look like a beautiful puffy square-shaped waffle. The crunchy and crispy waffle crisp cereal can be enjoyed separately, dry, or with milk as per your choice.

Cereal enthusiasts encourage people to try Waffle Crisp with full cream milk to enjoy the authentic delectable flavor. If you like oat or almond milk, you can choose a healthier alternative instead of full-fat cream milk.

Unlike other similar tasting cereals in the market, Waffle Crisp has a much more delicate taste of maple syrup which tastes absolutely divine. Since the maple syrup flavor is much less intense, fans of cereal are able to taste the true buttery goodness of the Waffle Crisp. The Waffle Crisp cereal is available in a 34-ounce bag after its relaunch. It is a considerably large bag that can be perfect for a large family or for people who love eating sweet and crunchy cereals for breakfast daily.

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Waffle Crisp Nutritional Information

The nutritional information for the Waffle Crisp cereal (30 g) is given below:

Calories  117
Total Fat 1.5 g
   Saturated Fats 0.3 g
   Trans Fat 0.1 g
   Monounsaturated Fats 0.5 g
   Polyunsaturated Fats 0.5 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 179 mg
Potassium  64 mg
Total Carbohydrates 25 g
   Dietary Fibers 1.3 g
   Sugars 10 g
Protein 2 g
Vitamin A 15%
Iron 15%
Calcium 0.6%

History – Who Is the Waffle Crisp Mascot?

Initially, the Waffle Crisp mascots in the commercial used to be multiple elderly women who were called grannies. These grannies supposedly cooked every piece of Waffle Crisp by hand as if it was an actual miniature-sized waffle.

However, there was a change in the commercials for Waffle Crisp in the later 90s. The commercials showed a group of preteen children trying to infiltrate a factory so that they could get away with the secret recipe for Waffle Crisp or get a large amount of Waffle Crisp for their group. The factory was designed to be high-tech as the children struggled with different obstacles to steal one of the boxes of the amazing Waffle Crisp cereal.

The mascot for Waffle Crisp changed again when a human-like waffle was introduced to the public as a mascot for Waffle Crisp. The waffle wore tennis shoes and was known as the “Waffle Boy”. He was a brave mascot who was determined to save the Waffle Crisp cereal from the enemy “Professor Burnt Toast”.

Waffle Crisp – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was Waffle Crisp discontinued?

Waffle Crisp was discontinued in August 2018 by Post Foods. The cereal was discontinued after a much more affordable but slightly different version of the cereal was released by Post Foods.

When did Waffle Crisp come out?

Waffle Crisp was launched in 1996. Initially, the mascots for Waffle Crisp used to be elderly women who cooked each miniature waffle by hand in the advertisements.

Is Eggo cereal like Waffle Crisp?

Eggo cereal is similar to Waffle Crisp, but the difference will be immediately noticeable to a fan who has been enjoying Waffle Crisp for quite some time. The Eggo cereal is much puffier and more airy than Waffle Crisp. On the other hand, Waffle Crisp is known to be much denser and smaller than Eggo cereal.

The small shape and dense pieces of Waffle Crisp are what allow fans of the cereal to enjoy a great crunchy texture, even when the cereal has absorbed plenty of milk. On the other hand, Eggo may quickly become soggy and lose its crunchiness.

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Did Waffle Crisp change after its relaunch?

Even though there were some changes in the recipe of Waffle Crisp, it did not change much in terms of taste. This was great news to fans of the classic Waffle Crisp cereal since it meant that they could enjoy their favorite breakfast cereal with the same nostalgic taste.


Pancakes or cereal? Are you excited about the return of Waffle Crisp? Post Cereal has heard the cries of the people and brought back the beloved Waffle Crisp! They are delicious little crunchy waffles and have a delightful taste of maple and sheer awesomeness!


Waffle Crisp is an iconic cereal that was launched in 1996 by the famous cereal company Post Consumer Brand. The cereal tastes similar to what a sweet and sugary waffle would taste like with maple.

Each piece of the cereal has a buttery and syrupy taste that tastes mind-blowing when mixed in with the milk. The Waffle Crisp cereal was discontinued in 2018 after a much more affordable version, “Waffle Crunch,” was released by Post Foods.

However, with popular demand and insistent requests for a comeback, Post Foods finally relaunched Waffle Crisp in 2021 with a bang. The initial relaunch surprised fans but eventually made them glad that their requests were not left unheard.

If you would like to learn more about cereals like Waffle Crisp, click on any of the following links.

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