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Otter Pops: The Most Popular Ice Pops

flavors of Otter Pops

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Otter Pops are water-based confections prepared using fruit-flavored liquids and frozen in a clear plastic tube. They are freeze pops that look similar to ice pops and are a brand of freezies in the United States. Otter Pops has been in production since 1970, making them one of the pioneers in the freezies industry.

Jelsert is the company that manufactures Otter Pops. They also produce Fla-Vor-Ice, so the two freeze pop brands have similar tastes. Regardless of that, Otter Pops are famous for their cartoon characters. They are colorful treats with iconic characters that represent the flavors. Otter Pops flavors are kosher, fat-free, and gluten-free products.

These characters make Otter Pops more fun to eat with unique backstories and personality traits. Let’s take a look at these characters and the flavors they represent.


Otter Pops Flavors

Otter Pops comes in hues of rainbow colors which is perfect for getting the attention of a younger audience. The flavors are not that different from other freeze pops, but the characters are worth admiring. Kids learn something new from each character! Here are the popular flavors of Otter Pops:

Freeze pops for summers

Strawberry Short Kook

Strawberry Short Kook is the name of strawberry-flavored Otter Pops. Strawberry Short Kook is a character who is a movie star and an Otter-winning actor. She always wanted to become an actress and got her big break after waiting tables for years.

Strawberry Short Kook also loves to do yoga, host dinner parties, and help with animal rescue work. This character appeals to young girls mostly. However, anyone who is a fan of strawberry-flavored freeze pops would love to try this flavor.

Sir Isaac Lime

Sir Isaac Lime is a character that kids love because he is entertaining, inspiring, and whimsical. Combine that with the delightful flavor of lime; it’s a combo kids have loved since the flavor was introduced.

The manufacturing company planned to discontinue Sir Isaac Lime in 1995, but a group of 9-year-olds stopped it from happening. Led by a fourth-grader, the young group picketed the headquarters and stated their desire to keep Sir Isaac Lime. The company kept the flavor and postponed the introduction of its replacement, “Scarlet O’Cherry,” indefinitely.

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Little Orphan Orange

Little Orphan Orange is popularly known as “Lil.” She looks like she is frowning, but she’s not. At least that’s what the character claims! Little Orphan Orange or Lil is the tangy orange flavor kids love to enjoy during the hot summer season.

Lil loves animals and always keeps Melon Collie (a dog) by her side. The innocent one of the bunch, Little Orphan Orange, is the character kids can easily relate to because she asks questions like, “Do fancy cats use glitter boxes?”

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Poncho Punch

Poncho Punch is a musician exploring the world to discover unique musical instruments. He loves music and is often accompanied by Lil, a good singer. Poncho Punch represents the fruit punch flavor and comes in pink color.

Poncho Punch does not like artificial plants and loves traveling the world. He speaks to kids with an adventurous streak who would love to explore new cultures and countries.

Poncho Punch Otter Pops

Alexander the Grape

As the name suggests, Alexander the Grape is a grape-flavored family member with brilliant purple color. He is a history enthusiast interested in learning about the origin of everything!

The character is something kids would associate with an older person. He has an excited look, similar to that of a child, but wears a toga and visits ancient ruins.

Louie-Bloo Raspberry

One of the most famous flavors of Otter Pops is Louie-Bloo Raspberry. It comes with the sugary flavor of blue raspberry. Louie-Bloo Raspberry is gentle and creative.

He is an innovator who teaches kids about DIY stuff and how to make cool t-shirts! He likes Strawberry Short Kook, gives her flowers, and even cooks for her. Louie-Bloo Raspberry is the hopeless romantic that kids enjoy watching and laughing at.

Louie-Blue Raspberry

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Major Mango

Major Mango is a kind and brave character from the Otter bunch who is a search and rescue specialist. She is the sort of character kids will believe in—someone who can help other otters out in problematic situations.

Major Mango flavor is the gold-colored dessert that kids and adults love to enjoy in the summer season. Unfortunately, it’s not part of the assorted 100-pack Otter Pops Original box that is available online and in grocery stores. However, it is one of the flavors from the Otter Pops Tropical box.

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Cosmic Coconut

Cosmic Coconut is the white-colored Otter Pop that is part of the tropical assembly. The character is a pre-teen female who dreams of becoming an astronaut. The Otter Pops’ website calls her “an ordinary kid with an extraordinary dream.” It is something most kids can relate to!

Despite her circumstances, Cosmic Coconut is not someone to lose hope. She is always ready for a challenge, with her famous catchphrase, “why not?”

DJ Tropicool

DJ Tropicool is a tropical punch flavor that comes in yellow color. He is a talented artist and coder with exceptional music mixing skills. DJ Tropicool motivates kids to stay passionate about what they love.

He is a guy who helps others out without letting his ego get in the way. If kids were to learn something from him, it would be his love for music!

Anita Fruit Punch

Although Anita Fruit Punch and Poncho Punch have fruit punch flavors, they are nothing alike in color, flavor, or personalities. Anita Fruit Punch comes in cyan color instead of Poncho Punch’s pink. She is also an avid volleyball player.

Anita inspires kids to work hard and practice more and always have good sportsmanship. Just like the character, the flavor is a refreshing fruit punch that keeps everyone happy despite the hot summer days.

Otter Pops Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 pop (42.5g)
Calories 25
Total Carbs 6.2g
Net Carbs 6.2g
Fat 0.1g
Protein 0g
Sugar 4.4g

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EAT | DIY Otter Pops

It’s guaranteed that your kids are going to love these homemade otter pops! They’re filled with fresh fruit and other healthy add-ins but are so much more fun to eat than your average popsicle.

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With a variety of flavors and interesting characters and fun names to appeal to kids, Otter Pops have successfully completed five decades. It’s refreshing and much better than other freeze pops. Despite being a frozen treat, Otter Pops are kept at room temperature at stores. Customers have to freeze them at home before enjoying this dessert.

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Otter Pops – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Otter Pops?

Otter Pops are freeze pops that come in plastic tubes. Each tube contains no more than an ounce of a fruit-flavored freeze pop.

How Long Do Otter Pops Take to Freeze?

Generally, it would take about 4 to 8 hours for Otter Pops to freeze. If they don’t freeze during this time, make room in the freezer for the flow of air, and let the pops stay for a day.

How Many Calories are in an Otter Pop?

One Otter Pop contains 25 calories that account for 6.2g total carbs, 0.1g fat, 6.2g net carbs, and 0g protein.

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