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The Ultimate Guide to Pez Candy

Popular Pez Candy

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Pez are a favorite old-school candy that comes in small brick-shaped pieces that are stacked on top of each other. It is wrapped in colorful aluminum packaging that keeps the candy fresh and gives it a fun appearance.

Usually, you will find Pez dispensers along with the candy itself. This is because PEZ dispensers are what essentially made the candy rise in popularity. These dispensers come in various forms and sizes and can be used to store multiple pieces of PEZ candy at once. The Pez candy dispenser allows for the release of only one piece of candy at a time, which makes eating Pez a unique experience.


Pez Candy History

Pez candy is a compressed candy that was created and first launched in Austria in 1927. The compressed candy had only one flavor at the time, which was peppermint. Initially, Pez candy was sold to the public as tiny candy drops that came in tins for people to enjoy together.

After a few years, the hard-pressed brick shape you see today of the Pez candy was invented. In 1948, the Pez candy dispensers were launched, which allowed people to place 12 pieces of their favorite candy inside it and enjoy it as they pleased.

In 1952, Pez candy was launched in the U.S.A., where it became trendy due to its unique shape and presentation. It is estimated that three billion Pez candy bricks were consumed in 2015 in the U.S.A alone.

The Pez candy brand has expanded rapidly and has more than two dozen flavors available for its fans. Fans of the candy collect the Pez dispensers (inspired by different popular shows and movies) that have been released by the company. These fans are highly enthusiastic about everything to do with Pez and call themselves Pezheads.

Different flavors of Pez candy

Pez Flavors

  • Orange: The orange-flavored Pez offers the best refreshing flavor combination of sweetness and tartness. They are orange in color and can make your day even sweeter with their fresh taste.
  • Raspberry: There are two raspberry flavors available for Pez, and the pink one is the sweetest one. The pink raspberry Pez has a little bit of tanginess but also contains a popping freshness of the berries.
  • Cherry: The packaging of this Pez flavor is red, and the brick-shaped candy is light pink. Cherry Pez is one of the best flavors since it has a sour and sweet flavor that resembles real cherries greatly.
  • Strawberry: Strawberry Pez is a classic candy flavor that is sweeter than it is sour and can be perfect for enjoying at the park or any other outing. The strawberry Pez candy isn’t syrupy sweet, unlike strawberry candy from other brands.
  • Lemon: Lemon Pez is another classic flavor of Pez that is a favorite of many older teens. It is sour and a little bit sweet which provides a zing when you try it.
  • Mango: For people who enjoy an exotic taste in fruits, the mango flavor can be the best choice. This flavor is one of the most underrated Pez flavors available with natural sweetness from mangoes.
  • Cola: If you are a fan of cola-flavored candy, Pez cola candy is bound to become one of your favorites as soon as you try them. The deep flavor of cola and rich sweetness tastes heavenly when you eat Pez at home or work.
  • Peppermint Sugar-free: If you want a sugar-free option to try, you can go for a peppermint sugar-free Pez candy. The peppermint is refreshingly cool and lets you slow down and take a break on a hot, busy day.
  • Tangy Blueberry: If you are a fan of blueberry, you can choose to try the tangy blueberry flavor of Pez. It is a sour flavor that can make you appreciate the natural tartness of blueberries.
  • Lime: The lime flavor of Pez is a fantastic flavor that is similar to lemon but is much more tart and naturally flavorful.
  • Green Apple: The green apple flavor is among the most extraordinary underrated flavors of Pez. The flavor will remind you of biting into a tart green apple. The refreshing tanginess will awaken your senses and is bound to make you feel more upbeat.
  • Watermelon: Contrary to what most people might think, the watermelon flavor is one of the tangiest flavors of Pez. It is perfectly sweet and has a wonderful light smell that can make you feel invigorated even before you try it.
  • Assorted Fruit: For people who can’t decide on which flavor to choose, the assorted fruit flavor is the best option. It contains a deliciously sweet flavor and a mellow tartness, making it a favorite at any party.
  • Candy Corn: A must-have for Halloween treats, the candy corn Pez flavor is brilliantly sweet and will remind you of trick-and-treating in your favorite neighborhood with your friends.
  • Cotton Candy: If you are looking for a bubble-gum-colored, delightfully sweet Pez treat, you should choose the cotton candy flavor.
  • Grape: Grape is another classic Pez flavor that is loved by hundreds of Pezheads for its perfect balance of sweet and sour.
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How to Load a Pez Dispenser

Loading a Pez dispenser is not a difficult job and only requires you to use a clever trick for stacking it. Most people used to stack Pez in their favorite dispensers one by one in their childhood. It is an incorrect way of placing your favorite candy and a meticulous job as well.

On the other hand, if the TikTok trend has inspired you to try stacking Pez with the wrapper, you have set yourself up for disappointment. Pez can only be stacked using one correct and time-efficient way. The company itself has shown a demonstration similar to this, which is a foolproof way of loading your Pez dispenser in a hurry.

Pez Dispenser TikTok Hack

The Pez dispenser hack on TikTok showed a user loading their Pez dispenser in only one step. They displayed an entire sleeve of the brick-shaped candy completely wrapped to the camera.

Then they slotted the entire packet in the hole at the bottom of the dispenser and pushed it straight up. After that, the Pez dispenser is shown to be laden with unwrapped Pez candy ready to be enjoyed while the empty wrapper falls from the bottom.

The video took the internet by storm since many candy lovers thought they had been unaware of this easy hack for years. Some commenters took to the TikTok video and expressed sadness regarding how they had wasted hours placing the Pez candy one by one in their favorite dispensers. However, many people claimed the video had been edited, and the hack didn’t work at all.

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Some YouTubers even posted videos online to disprove the hack and showed how the viral trick couldn’t work. PEZ also explained to its fans that it was impossible to load a Pez dispenser using the hack shown in the video. There would have to be a spring-operated flap in the dispenser to allow the candy bricks to be pushed through.

different kinds of Pez refills

Pez Refills

Pez is a highly environmentally friendly candy that comes in aluminum packaging and has separate dispensers for use. The dispensers come in all different shapes and sizes and can be used to store up to 12 Pez candy at a time.

Pez dispensers are usually shaped like human or cartoon faces and can be refilled regularly with any kind of flavor you like. You can choose to refill your Pez candy dispensers with assorted fruit Pez or strawberry Pez according to your preference.

Finally, if you want a special Pez flavor, such as cotton candy or green apple, you can also choose a refill packet of the same flavor from stores around you or online.

Rare Pez Dispensers

Landerbank Hippo A

This Hippo Pez dispenser was part of the Animal series by the company, which featured the name of Landerbank, a European Bank, at the side of the stem. A Pez Landerbank Hippo A dispenser can fetch a price greater than 500 USD if its condition is excellent. The A in the Pez dispenser’s name denotes the Hippos series. These dispensers were from the first series of Hippo dispensers manufactured.

Captain Hook with a Soft Head

The amazing Captain Hook soft head Pez dispenser from the Peter Pan film can help you earn a significant amount of money. It was one of the soft head versions made in the 1970s but was discontinued due to the oil crisis later in 1979. According to research, some superhero and Disney soft head Pez dispensers were never even sold to the public.

Donald Duck with a Soft Head

There have been around ten Donald Duck Pez dispensers over time, but only the soft head version is the rarest and most popular of them all. It was released in 1979 and can fetch a lot of money for its owner. The second most popular version of the Donald Duck Pez dispenser is one with Louie, Huey, and Dewey.

Dumbo with a Soft Head

There have been multiple iterations of Pez dispensers of Dumbo, the elephant from the popular Disney movie. The rarest and most valuable Pez dispenser is the soft head version of Dumbo, which has been valued greater than 1000 USD

Alpine Man with a Mustache

The cheery Alpine Man Pez dispenser is worth quite a lot if the character has its mustache attached to the head. A clean-shaved version of him is pretty rare as well, while other models aren’t given much importance.

Merry Music Maker Parrot with a Yellow Head

The Merry Music Maker parrot is one of the most popular versions of Pez Candy dispensers. They featured a whistle at the back of the head of the character. Due to a misprinting error, one of the parrot models was printed with a yellow head and a blue stem. This made it a rare exception and a one-of-a-kind version every Pezhead wants to collect.

Mary Poppins with Painted Cheeks

One of the rarest Pez dispensers in the world is of Mary Poppins. A version of Pez dispensers was released in 1973, which featured the character with only its head. The model with the painted cheeks is worth more than the one without rouge.

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Pez dispenser from Star Wars


Sparefroh is a mascot or symbol used by the Austrian savings banks. The banks give out small tokens for promotional purposes, including the Sparefroh Pez dispenser. These dispensers have been known to fetch an amount greater than 1000 USD.

Lions Club

The Lions Club Pez dispensers were made specifically for the 1962 International Lions Club convention. The Lions Club convention took place in France, which is why the dispenser features the head of a golden lion on top. The dispensers with inscribed stems have been known to be much more valuable to collectors.

King Louis with Light Brown or Red Hair

There are only 19 King Louie Pez dispensers globally with multiple variations. Each variation of the Pez dispenser has been estimated to cost more than 500 USD. The King Louie Jungle Book character with brown or red hair is known to be one of the most popular variants of them all. If you happen to have a Kind Louie Pez Candy dispenser, you should have it appraised by a professional or collector.

Pez Candy Nutritional Information

The nutritional information for Pez candy (1 roll- 9 g) has been mentioned below:

Calories 35
Total Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 0 mg
Total Carbohydrates 9 g
   Total Sugars 9 g
Protein 0 g


Pez Visitor Center

Check out the unique PEZ Visitor Center, which is the World’s Largest PEZ Dispenser and museum!

Pez Candy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the word PEZ mean?

The name Pez for the candy has been derived from the word “pfefferminz”, which means peppermint in German.

Is Pez a gum or a candy?

Pez is a dry, hard-pressed, and sweet candy that can be enjoyed by adults and children. It often comes along with a manual Pez candy dispenser.

Who invented Pez?

Pez and its manual dispenser were invented by Eduard Haas, who was a member of an influential family in Vienna, Austria, in 1927.

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