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Toffifay – A Caramel and Chocolate Delight from Germany!

Flavor of Toffifay

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Not many people are fans of odd-looking caramel and chocolate candies, but Toffifay has changed the minds of many picky candy lovers! Toffifay is a delicious caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate candy that is utterly unique due to its shape and taste. Made in Germany and sold in other parts of the world as “Toffifee”, it stands out in a store and will catch your eye with its simple and sophisticated packaging.

Toffifay has a dome-like shape with a creamy filling and a dollop of chocolate on top. The outside of the candy is made of caramel and holds a fun surprise inside. Toffifay is a mixture of various sweet flavors and textures that melt together in your mouth for a rich unforgettable experience.

What does Toffifay look like

History and Background of Toffifay

Toffifay is manufactured by a German confectionery brand called Storck. The idea for creating a candy like Toffifay was presented in Germany in 1973 and was a one-of-a-kind conception of confectionery of its kind.

Nowadays, Toffiffay can be found in over a hundred countries where fans enjoy eating it with different methods. Toffifay is also known as Toffifee in other parts of the world except for the USA, and the name has some interesting origins.

The “Toffi” part of the word comes from toffee, and the “fee” part comes from the German word for “fairy”. A fairy is supposed to be a good omen and is regarded as the bringer of good luck. The fairy is supposed to have made a wish for the Toffifay treat to be made only with the best ingredients, and her wish has finally come true.

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What Does Toffifay Taste Like?

Toffifay has a unique taste that cannot be found in any other candy in the United States of America. Although many people compare it to Reese’s cups, the flavor and texture of Toffifay are far more superior and luxurious than that of Reese’s cups.

Toffifay combines every kind of texture you could possibly want in a candy: with a chewy caramel cup outside, a creamy sweet chocolate and hazelnut filling, a luxurious dollop of the best quality chocolate on top, and a crunchy whole hazelnut inside as a surprise.

The candy comes in a large box that can be shared and passed around among a group of friends or family members after a fun dinner. Each cup of Toffifay is served in its place in a unique golden tray that adds to the experience of enjoying something truly deluxe with every bite.

what is inside a toffifay

Different Elements of Toffifay

Although Toffifay is not available in different sizes of caramel cups or different flavors, there are four distinct elements of the classic Toffifay candy:

  • Chewy Caramel Cup
  • Crunchy Roasted Hazelnut
  • Creamy Hazelnut and Chocolate Filling
  • Smooth Chocolate Dollop

Toffifay Nutritional Information and Ingredients

One serving size of Toffifay can be equal to 4 pieces (33 g) of the candy, and the nutritional information for one serving is shown below:

Calories 170
Total Fat 10 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 25 mg
Protein 2 g
Potassium 114mg
Total Carbohydrates 20 g
Total Sugars 15 g
Vitamin D 0 mcg

The ingredients for Toffifay are given as Hazelnuts, Condensed Skim Milk, Reduced Minerals Whey, Soy Lecithin Emulsifier, Semisweet Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Soy Lecithin Emulsifier, Cocoa Butter, Nonfat Dry Milk, Vanilla Powder, Vegetable Oils (From Palm And Shea)), Sugar Cane Syrup, Glucose Syrup (Extracted from Corn or Wheat), Nonfat Dry Milk, Sorbitol (From Wheat Or Corn), Whey, Lactose Contains Less Than 2% Of Cocoa, Salt, Sugar, Butterfat, Natural And Artificial Flavors.

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Toffifay in golden packaging

Toffifay – Candy & Snack Product Review

Find a crunchy hazelnut inside a yummy chewy caramel cup with chocolate and hazelnut cream inside and a dollop of smooth chocolate on top.

Toffifay – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Toffifee and Toffifay?

Toffifay is marketed in the United States with a white box and the spelling of “Toffifay.” At the same time, everywhere else in the world, including Europe and Canada, you can find the candy named “Toffifee” with its classic orange packaging.

Why is it called Toffifee or Toffifay?

The name Toffifee comes from the mixture of “Toffi” and “fee”. “Toffi” means toffee, while “fee” comes from the German word for fairy. The fairy in the name symbolizes good luck for the person enjoying the candy.

How many calories are there in a Toffifay?

There are 170 calories in a single serving (4 pieces of candy) of Toffifay.

How many Toffifay are there in a box?

There are 48 pieces of Toffifay in a large box of candy.

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