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Rico Pepino – A Cucumberish Delight You’ll Never Forget

Rico Pepino

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Bizarre Mexican delicacies that aren’t content with sticking to the norms of traditional lollipops are prized by all candy enthusiasts. The Pepino with Chili Lollipop by Alteno Super is a truly unusual lollipop that will quickly become a favorite snack for anyone who tries it. Let’s take a deeper look at how the candy tastes and if it has any downsides.


Brief History of Rico Pepino

Rico Pepino is made and distributed by Alteno Super, a Mexican confectionery company with a factory situated in Mexico. The precise date of the candy’s invention or introduction has not been documented and is therefore unknown. Rico Pepino, the name of the candy, is a Spanish phrase that roughly translates to “rich cucumber” in English.

The name of the candy has been inspired by its cucumber flavoring and utterly unusual design, which is a bit similar to a traditional lollipop in that it has a conventional circular design but with cucumber, seed-like texturing protruding from the circular base and positioned in a paw-like arrangement. The candy is green in color, again testifying to its cucumber descendancy.

What Does Rico Pepino Taste Like?

Rico Pepino by the Alteno Super is an unprecedented cocktail of 2 different, and unique flavors which no one could have imagined would work so brilliantly well together. The flavors that go into making this astounding confectionary are cucumber and chili.

Although the candy is advertised primarily as a mix of cucumber and chili, the overall recipe for this oddball confectionery consists of a variety of premium ingredients which include corn syrup, titanium dioxide, citric acid, artificial flavoring, artificial color, and of course, the ingredient without which any confectionary would be incomplete – sugar.

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The tasting experience of the lollipop is also quite unique in itself. Put it in your mouth, and you’re greeted with dashes of chili powder exploding amid the copious amounts of cucumber sucky juice. Hints of corn also make an appearance every now and then.

It’s exactly the right amount of spicy, with just enough heat to give your typical cucumber sweetness a colorful twist but not so much so that it would cause a burning sensation in your mouth, turning you off from having another. Chilies, cucumber juice, and corn flavor gush into your mouth as you bite into the hard candy, giving you the greatest sucker candy you’ve had in a long time.

The high-quality elements used in concocting the confectionary combine together incredibly to create an intense yet enjoyable flavor that stays on your tongue long after devouring it. One of the finest aspects of the candy is that the flavor is consistent throughout and does not become bland as you suck on the hard candy. To end this discussion, we would say that the cucumberish lollipop makes for a pleasurable experience that will delight your taste receptors.

The Cons of the Rico Pepino

While there is absolutely nothing objectionable about the flavor and taste of the candy, there have been complaints about the packaging it comes in. Some consumers have reported that a majority of lollipops in their pack were not properly sealed and, as a result, had slipped out of their wrappers. Also, many of the lollipops in the pack were found to be broken. However, this could likely be due to poor shipping of the package.

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Moreover, some people reported that the plastic wrapper of the lollipop was fused into the hard candy and could not be peeled off. It is important to note, however, that these were rare instances, and just how frequently these mishaps occur is unknown.

Nutritional Value

This strange treat comes in a plastic bag with 40 pieces in it, plenty enough to last you a while. One serving of the candy comprises of four lollipop pieces, weighing a total of 40g – 10g per piece. The nutritional value per serving is as follows:

Calories: 140
Total Fat: 0g
Sodium: 230mg (10%)
Total Carbohydrates: 35g (12%)
Sugars: 25g
Protein: 0g

Trying Mexican Candy ft. RICO PEPINO | Talking Sheri

Watch me try a huge bag full of MEXICAN CANDY! It ain’t for the faint of heart, I’ll tell ya. Come for the CALIENTE FLAVORS, stay for the CALIENTE candy mascots.

Rico Pepino – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What flavor are Rico Pepino lollipops?

Rico Pepino is a cucumber-flavored lollipop with chili powder. It also has hints of corn and sourness from citric acid.

What is Rico Pepino made with?

The ingredients are Sugar, Citrus Acid, Chile De Arbol & Guajillo Chili Pepper Powder, Artificial Flavoring, Iodized Salt, Titanium Dioxide, and Artificial Coloring.


Trying the Rico Pepino takes your taste buds on a roller coaster of flavors that blend together to give you one of the most unique tasting candies in the market. If you haven’t tried the Rico Pepino till now, we highly recommend you do so. We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with it.

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