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Nerds Candy – A Sweet & Sour Flavor Rainbow!

Nerds Candy

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What are Nerds candies?

Nerds are a cluster of tiny candy pieces that come in a wide range of flavors. The spectrum ranges from extremely sour to extremely sweet. It is a sugary candy and is packaged in cuboidal boxes. They are super fun, come in colorful boxes and kids love them!

History of Nerds Candies

‘Nerds’ candy was first incepted in 1983 by the Sunmark Corporation. It was launched under the brand ‘Willy Wonka Candy Company.’ The Ferrara Candy Company currently produces Nerds.

Nerds are packaged in cuboidal boxes. Each box has a minimum of two flavors separated by a compartment and has a separate opening. Normally the two flavors will contrast in taste. 

In the 1980s, the biggest competitors of Nerds were Candy Buttons, Mike and Ike, and Pop Rocks. There was also a candy named ‘Dweebs’ that had a striking similarity to Nerds. They were practically called ‘cousins.’ Dweebs were bigger and less sour. in a single package, they contained three distinct flavors.

In the 80s, people also saw a breakfast cereal inspired by Nerds. It only lasted on the market for two years and came in two varieties – Grape & Strawberry and Orange & Cherry. Here is the original 1986 commercial for them. 


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What is the Taste and Flavor of Nerds Candies like?

The flavor ranges from extremely sour to extremely sweet. Generally, there is a minimum of two flavors packed in one box but separated by compartments. Larger boxes contain an assortment of flavors and are often referred to as ‘Rainbow Box.’ 

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The Rainbow Nerds contain no partition to separate the different flavors.

‘Nerds’ comes in a variety of flavors. They are mentioned below:

  • Watermelon and Wild Cherry and watermelon (green and red)
  • Punch & Wildberry and Watermelon (blue and green)
  • Peach and Wildberry (orange and blue)
  • Grape and Strawberry (purple and pink)
  • Guava and Mango Chile (pink and yellow)
  • Double-dipped Lemonade-Wild Cherry and Apple-Watermelon (red and yellow)
  • Road Rash Raspberry and Totally Tropical Punch (blue and red)
  • Amped Apple and 
  • Sour-lightning Lemon (light green and yellow)

Spin-Offs Product of Nerds

There are several spin-off products of the candy that the Willy Wonka Candy Company introduced. Some are still found, while many were discarded. They are:

  • Rainbow Nerds
  • Sour Nerds
  • Jumbo Nerds
  • Nerds Rope (See our Nerds Rope Candy Review)
  • Spooky Nerds (Halloween)
  • Nerds Gum Balls
  • Valentine Nerds (Valentine’s Day)
  • Frosty Nerds (Christmas)
  • Hoppin’ Nerds (Easter)
  • Neon Nerds
  • Nerds Gum
  • Nerds Cereal
  • Wonkalate
  • Nerds Jelly Beans (Easter)
  • Candy Nerds Slushes
  • Nerd Blizzard

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Video: Nerds Candy Unboxing and Taste Test

If you want to see what all the main flavors look like and how they taste, this video is worth checking out!

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Nutritional Facts – Nerds Candies

The nutritional facts mentioned below are for a serving size of one tablespoon containing approximately 15 grams of the candy.

% Daily Value
Total Fat (0 g) 0%
Saturated Fat (0 g) 0%
Trans Fat (0 g) 0%
Total Carbohydrate (14 g) 5%
Dietary Fiber (0 g) 0%
Sugar (14 g)
Protein (0 g) 0%
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Nerds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the ingredients in Nerds candies?

The ingredients in Nerds are sugar, corn syrup, malic acid, dextrose, carnauba wax, carmine color, artificial flavors, and artificial colors ( Blue 1 Lake, Blue 2, Blue 2 Lake, Yellow 5, Yellow 5 Lake, Yellow 6, Yellow 6 Lake, Blue 1, Red 40, Red 40 Lake). It may contain eggs.

How many calories are there in Nerds candies?

Fifteen grams (one tablespoon) of the candy contains 60 calories approximately.

Are Nerds candies gluten-free?

Nerds are gluten-free. But the candy package warns that it is processed in a facility handling foods and confections containing wheat.

Are Nerds candies vegan?

Nerds are manufactured in a unit where the equipment handles ingredients for other products containing milk and eggs. There is a risk of cross-contamination. The label does not specify whether the candy is vegan or not, but the ingredient list mentions “may contain eggs.” 

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Featured Image: “Webstock Swag: Nerds candy” by DeeKnow is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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