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Sno Caps Candy – White Sprinkles on Chocolate Snow Caps

Sno Caps Candy

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What are Sno-Caps candies?

Sno-Caps are one of the oldest candies made in America; they are delicious bite-sized chocolates in the shape of domes. They are chocolate topped with white sprinkles so the top looks like snow and hence the name “sno caps.” They are a perfect size to share and pop in your mouth, which has made them one of the most famous movie snacks for over five decades now.

History of Sno-Caps Candy

Sno-Caps candy was first produced in 1927 by its inventor Blumenthal Chocolate Company. It was first called Bob White. It was a large, moderately sweet chocolate sprinkled with white nonpareils. 

After a few years, Bob white candy was reduced marginally in size; they were changed to round wafers of chocolates with sugar on top. This new version of Bob White was called Sno-Caps.

In 1969, Ward Foods acquired Blumenthal, which later was bought in 1981 by Terson, a Chicago-based company. In 1984, Nestle acquired the brand and later sold it to Ferrara candy company in 2018. The snack remains as popular as ever worldwide and is one of the go-to treats for both kids and adults at the movies. 

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How Do Sno-Caps Taste?

Sno-Caps are small in size so that you can pop them in your mouth & snack on them. They are creamy and loaded with a chocolatey flavor, and have a covering of white crunchy candy sprinkles. They have an intense chocolate taste and are semi-sweet.

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What are the ingredients in Sno-Caps candies?

The ingredients of Sno-Caps candy are milk, soy, Semi-Sweet Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate, Milkfat, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavor), Sugar, Corn Starch, Carnauba Wax, Confectioner’s Glaze (Lac-Resin). It may contain peanuts too. 

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Nutritional Facts of Sno-Caps Candy

The nutritional facts mentioned below are for a serving size of 1 box (3 oz) of Sno-Caps candy.

% Daily Value
Total Fat (17.6 g) 27%
Saturated Fat (11 g) 55%
Total Carbohydrates (65.9 g) 22%
Dietary Fiber (4.4 g) 18%
Sugar (52.7 g)
Sodium (0 mg) 0%
Cholesterol (4 mg) 1%
Protein (2.2 g) 9%
Iron (<1 mg)
Calcium (0 mg) 0%

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Sno-Caps Candies Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many calories are there in Sno-Caps candies?

One box or 3 Oz of Sno-Caps candy contains 360 calories.

Are Sno-Caps candies gluten-free?

Yes, as confirmed by the manufacturers, Sno-Caps is a gluten-free candy. There is no confirmation if the facility they manufacture and process Sno-Caps candy is gluten-free to avoid cross-contamination.

Are Sno-Caps candies vegan?

We tried to find information on Sno-Caps being vegan, but unfortunately, there is no concrete information available online or otherwise.

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