Jim Edwards

I’m Jim Edwards and I started this website to share my love of Junk Food. We cover new junk food, desserts, snack foods, fast food secret menus, candy (of course!) and other related news. We love trying “secret menus” at restaurants. And we love trying new products too. So, we are trying to have some fun with our hobby and share some useful information with you, our community. Please feel to send us your suggestions and feedback through the contact form. And if you have products you would like us to try, let us know...!

Bawls Mints

Bawls Mints

Note: This is our original post from December, 2005. This product is no longer being manufactured but the company is making really cool products now… Read More »Bawls Mints

Zotz Candy

Zotz Candy – The Fun Italian Candy!

In 1970, Frank Landrey returned from Europe with some Italian candies he had received as a gift. He gave the box of candy to his children. Soon, all the neighborhood kids were pestering him for more of “that funny fizzy candy!” At the time, Frank was in the habit of saying, “Don’t give me the […]