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The 7 Must-Try Items on The Little Caesars Menu

Little Caesars Menu

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Jim Edwards

Little Caesars Enterprises Inc., or simply Little Caesars, is a multinational pizza business based in the United States. In terms of total sales, Little Caesars ranks as the third-largest pizza chain in the United States, coming in just after Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

The company franchises and operates restaurants in the United States as well as in international markets including Asia, the Middle East, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The behemoth pizza brand was created in 1959 and is housed in Downtown Detroit’s Fox Theatre building.

Little Caesars offers a wide range of pizzas. The HOT-N-READY menu contains various basic menu items aimed at customers looking for popular meals that are available for instant takeout. Other menus are geared more towards the company’s specialty or offering custom menu items to the customers.

The Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza, a Detroit-style pizza, was added to the menu in 2013. Salads are also available at some locations. Breads, such as Italian Cheese Bread and Crazy Bread, and Flavored Caesar Wings are also available as entrée selections.


The 7 Best Items on the Little Caesars Menu You Have to Try


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1. 3 Meat Treat Pizza

More often than not, a meat lover’s pizza tastes just OK, with under-seasoned or poor-quality meat. While it is difficult to speak for the quality of meat used by Little Caesars’ on their 3 Meat Treat Pizza, we can say with complete certainty that it’s impeccably seasoned and by far one of the most delectable meat pizzas you can get. A plus point of the pizza is that it retains its integrity and doesn’t start breaking apart like most others do on going cold.

The 3 Meat Treat pizza is a salty and savory pleasure, covered in Italian sausage, pepperoni, and bacon. The Italian sausage is modest enough to allow you to relish its flavor without overpowering the pizza toppings while also being substantial enough to make its presence known. The generous amounts of cheese brilliantly hold the meat together, keeping it from spilling all over your clothes.

Every time you bite into the slice, you’re graced with meaty tenderness even though you don’t get to taste all the 3 meat types in each bite. If you want to go overboard with the meat, you upgrade to the 5 Meat Feast pizza for just a dollar more which adds in ground beef and smoky ham.

2. Hot-N-Ready Cheese Pizza

Behold! The classic cheese pizza. While there is nothing new or exciting about this flavor, there’s nothing to complain about it either. And so, the Hot-N-Ready Cheese Pizza is our tried and tested, home ground pizza flavor that we return to every time we yearn for the typical American taste. It has a fantastic base of scrumptious crust, sweet and spicy sauce, and enough cheese to keep you satisfied. These three foundational ingredients are well-balanced, resulting in a gratifying pizza experience.

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Since all the ingredients featured in the pizza are carefully measured and the entire process is precisely scheduled, the taste of the pizza remains consistent no matter how many times you order it. Perhaps the most appealing thing about the series of Hot-N-Ready pizzas from the Little Caesars menu is that the pizzas are always ready for takeout.

You don’t have to place an order or wait for it to be prepared. If you’re having the pizza delivered, ordering only one pizza might not be worth it since the delivery charges may cost more than the pizza itself.

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3. Classic Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni Pizza


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To describe the Classic Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza in simple words, one can say that it is simply the addition of pepperoni slices to the Little Caesar’s basic cheese pizza. The meaty flavor of the pepperoni, unsurprisingly, compliments the taste of the cheese perfectly. But what is surprising is that this pepperoni version of the classic Hot-N-Ready comes at no extra cost over the ordinary cheese pizza.

One noticeable improvement that the addition of pepperonis brings is that the flavor of the Italian spice blend in the sauce is enhanced by the pepperoni slices, uplifting the pizza-tasting experience. Per slice, there are around three pieces of pepperoni, which is fine. Having more pepperoni slices would be appreciated, but considering how good of a deal this pizza is, it’d be unfair to complain about the pepperoni slices being too few.

On a final note, make sure to eat the pizza while it’s still warm because it tends to lose flavor and texture as it gets cold.

4. Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza

Although stuffed crust pizza is nothing new to the world and therefore it’s really easy to downplay the stuffed crust. However, bite into the crust and you’ll be surprised by an unexpected combination of cheese and meat that will completely thrill your tastebuds. For one, the rich cheesy stuffing enveloped within the bread was pleasantly reminiscent of a baked mozzarella stick. But it was the pepperoni bits rolled into the dough that really stood out, creating a seamless transition from cheese to toppings from the instant you bite into the crust all through the last bite.

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The stuffed crust however comes at a higher price tag placing it among the more premium offerings in the Little Caesars menu. But the pizza still costs less than pepperoni stuffed crust pizza from papa john’s or Pizza Hut. Other than the crust, the rest of the pizza carries the same blissful taste as the Classic Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni Pizza from Little Caesars.

5. ExtraMostBestest Pizza with Pepperoni

Looking for a cheese and meat overload? If so, then the ExtraMostBestest pizza is the way to go. Introduced in 2017, the ExtraMostBestest pizza packs more cheese and pepperoni with each mouthful, with each pizza having at least 50 pepperoni slices according to QSR.

The ExtraMostBestest thin crust pizza will also blow away sauce fanatics while the extra-cheesy pull of the traditional ExtraMostBestest pizza will thrill cheese connoisseurs. Overall, the pizza is perfect pizza extremists that want to go all out on the cheese, sauce, and the meat. If you don’t fancy pepperoni, Little Caesars menu also has a cheese-only ExtraMostBestest pizza.

6. Deep!Deep! Dish Pepperoni Pizza


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The main highlight of this pizza are the toppings that were apparently cooked up to the edge of the pizza, wrapped within layers of crispy grilled cheese that also flows right up to the edges. While Little Caesars dough is quite delicious, there seems to be a bit too much of it in this pizza, more so than some customers would like. That said, the dough is quite light and cooked through and through, with a gorgeous golden base, just what a deep-dish pizza fan wants.

The toppings are delicious, however, they’re not the main attraction. Relative to the thick crust, the sauce and cheese seem scant. Each slice is equipped with four neatly placed pepperoni slices.

7. Buffalo Caesar Wings

While buffalo wings may not even cross your mind when you think of Little Caesars, they are, nonetheless, a popular side dish available in a variety of flavors. The “Caesar Wings” come in eight pieces per order and offer Oven Roasted, Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, and BBQ flavors.

The wings are small, perhaps even bite-sized, and aren’t the same large-sized wings and drumsticks you would find at your local bar. While they’re still deep-fried, they still lack the crispness and crunchiness that you would expect of them.

On the bright side, the wings are covered in generous amounts of appetizing Buffalo sauce that is neither too hot nor too sweet. The wings are served without dipping sauce, which the Buffalo wings don’t really need.

However, if a dipping sauce is something you can’t enjoy your wings without, Little Caesars offers various sauces including Butter Garlic Flavor, original marinara Crazy Sauce, Cheezy Jalapeno, Buffalo Ranch, and Ranch dipping. A single order of wings won’t cut it for an entire dinner and therefore, you’d be better off ordering multiple flavors.

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Little Caesars Menu – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Little Caesars Meal Deal Include?

The meal deal includes a Crazy Combo, Large Classic Pepperoni Pizza, and a two-liter Pepsi drink. The Crazy Combo consists of eight breadsticks with garlic and butter flavors, topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and Little Caesar’s Crazy Sauce.

What Is the New Little Caesars Pizza with Mozzarella?

The new Pepperoni Cheeser from Little Caesars is essentially a large pepperoni pizza with sweet basil and mozzarella cheese on top and a toasted Asiago-Parmesan crust.

Do Little Caesars Have Different Size Pizzas?

No, Little Caesars menu offers only one pizza size; large.

What Is Little Caesars Extramostbestest Pizza?

The ExtraMostBestest Pizza from Little Caesars is an improved classic pepperoni pizza with 25% more cheese and 80% more pepperoni.


Ordering the entire Little Caesars Pizza Menu! This is a review on big fast-food pizza joints and will make my way around the city with this giving my review on these pizza joints.


Little Caesars is one of the most popular and biggest pizza joints in the United States. Consumers love the company for its diverse range of flavors and pizza styles. From DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizzas to ExtraMostBestest Pizzas, the pizza joint will keep your pizza cravings satisfied for many meals.

With that said, if you’ve yet to try any item from the Little Caesars menu, we highly recommend that you do so ASAP! You’ll surely fall in love with the pizza brand just as we have.

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